[Expired] – Feel the Real Spirit of Competition in Twenty20 Tournament!


The Cricket Tournament is ruffling our hearts with a spectacular sight. Do you want to feel the real spirit of the competition? Join the new breathtaking Twenty20 Tournament and gain your victory! The tourney will last 3 weeks, so you have enough time to enjoy the exciting competition.


There is more, to take part in Twenty20 Tournament you don’t need to play special games or follow any requirements. Everybody has a chance to join the tourney and get one of the amazing prizes:


  • a huge TV to watch the thrilling sports competitions on the big screen;


  • IPad to have all sports news always with you;


  • Play Station to play your favourite sports games just at home!


So after 3 weeks of Twenty20 Tournament 3 winners will be defined and take their prizes:


Position Prize
1 place 65″ Samsung QLED 4K UHD or 1100 euro
2 place Play Station 4 PRO 1TB or 600 euro
3 place IPad or 300 euro


PLUS, to make these 3 weeks more interesting, JungleRaja launched one more activity to enjoy! Play one of the sports slots that are listed below and win 100 Free Spins! Every week TOP 20 players who wager the most in the mentioned slots will receive 100 Free Spins from JungleRaja casino. To get your FS, be active during the week playing these slots:



Don’t miss the chance to feel the real spirit of the sports competition and try your luck in our extraordinary activities. Join the Tournament and take your prize!








– This promotion is called Twenty20 Tournament that commences on the 22nd of September 2020 at 00:01(IST) and ends on the11th of October 2020 at 23:59 (IST).


– To participate in the promotion, players shall click the “Join” button on this page or under the leaderboard area on the JungleRaja main page and play any online games that are featured on jungleraja.com.


– Twenty20 Tournament runs over 3 weeks. To win you shall play the games during the whole month of Twenty20 Tournament.


– Twenty20 Tournament is considered to be over on the 11th of October 2020 at 23:59 (IST). After the tournament is over, 3 players of the month with the best results will be defined and given the awards. There is a special prize for each place:


  • 1st place – 65″ Samsung QLED 4K UHD (1100 euro)
  • 2nd place – Play Station 4 PRO 1TB (600 euro)
  • 3rd place – IPad (300 euro)


– Every time a player plays any games on jungleraja.com during this promotion will contribute points to the Twenty20 Tournament leaderboard.


– To get 100 Free Spins at the end of each week during Twenty20 Tournament the player has to get into the top 20 players that have wagered most in the following slots:



    • Cricket Star slot
    • Football Mania Deluxe
    • Shaolin Soccer
    • Football: Champions Cup
    • Basketball


– All players shall acknowledge that any speculation with deposits to receive additional points is not allowed in this promotion. If a player makes a deposit to collect extra points only and then expects to withdraw his/her money, then such a strategy will not work out. The JungleRaja management will be strictly monitoring any suspicious behaviour and suspend any unscrupulous players from participation in the promotion.


– The Twenty20 Tournament points are not transferable in any way and have no value outside the promotion.


– JungleRaja has a right to suspend/postpone/terminate the Twenty20 Tournament at any time without prior notice.


– The Management’s decision will be final and binding if any disputes arise during this promotion.


– Standard JungleRaja Terms and Conditions apply to the Twenty20 Tournament.





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