Double Joker Poker Strategy You Should Know

Double joker poker is a classic variant of video poker game that revolves around a card deck of 54 cards and not 52 cards. It is but obvious that the two additional cards are jokers. These jokers play a vital role as wild cards (have any value). Almost every online and offline casino offers this game due to its peculiar yet compelling components starting from easy gameplay techniques and fascinating rules. To add on, gambling enthusiasts have an opportunity to enhance their winning odds and total payout with ease. Given below are a few of the fundamental double joker poker strategy and rules to crack insights into winning real money. Read more

Digest: 7 Christmas online slots from New Year Spins Week

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Since India is a diverse nation with rich historical background and heritage, the Western tradition to celebrate Christmas and New Year is present in the subcontinent. Indian New Years do not correspond with the dates of Christian winter holidays, though. However, due to numerous Christians who live in India and millions of tourists from the West, Christmas and New Year are celebrated across the country, more or less.  Read more

Guide to playing Andar Bahar casino game

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The Republic of India is a fascinating country that is famous for its authentic traditions and culture, including gambling. Such games as Rummy and Teen Patti were invented in India. Another game with Indian origin is Andar Bahar. It is a simple yet exciting card game, also known as Katti or Mangatha. Besides. people say that the Andar Bahar casino game appeared in south India, particularly in the State of Bangalore Read more

9 India-themed online slots of 2019

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As one of the oldest civilisations in the world, originating 4,500 years ago, India is famous for its history, traditions, and culture. The incredible architecture of the Taj Mahal, beautiful animals, and the well-known Bollywood film industry attract millions of tourists every year. Read more

Authentic Gaming: Enter the World of Luxury Live Roulette

In December 2018, we launched our online casino  –  JungleRaja. Since then, live casino games have been holding the position of the most-played gambling on our casino. This popularity is not surprising given that live casino games offer land-based gaming experience from the comfort of your device. But not all the players know how live casino work and what providers offer the best live dealer games. Thus, our team has decided to start reviewing the best live casino software studios to promote knowledge about live casino games.  Read more

Casino bonus tips for you to know


People know that nothing comes for free and there is always a price to pay. But every rule has its exception and no deposit casino bonus codes is definitely the case. After one of our players managed to win over Rs. 5 Lakhs with only Rs. 500 that he received as a Welcome bonus, we’ve decided to tell you more about no deposit casino bonuses for exciting players, as well as Free Spins and various deposit bonuses. Read more

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